Progressive Knockouts

Progressive Knockout tournaments, or Progressive KOs, are action-packed tourneys where you can win hundreds or even thousands of dollars at any moment! For every player you eliminate, you’ll win a cash prize and your own bounty will increase, leading to a frantic finish where every hand can mean mega bucks.

Progressive KOs are already running on desktop and we’ll be making them available on mobile soon so watch this space!

Check out the table below for the schedule from Monday – Saturday, including the progressive bounty you’ll earn for each successful elimination:

Time (CET) MTCT Name Starting Bounty Progressive Bounty Total Buy-in
15:00 $1,000 Gtd - Progressive KO: Featherweight $2.50 $1.25 $5.50
15:00 $2,500 Gtd - Progressive KO: Middleweight $10 $5 $22
15:00 $10,000 Gtd - Progressive KO: Heavyweight $50 $25 $109

On Sunday we’re making things even juicier with bigger guarantees for the same buy-ins:

Time (CET) MTCT Name Starting Bounty Progressive Bounty Total Buy-in
15:00 $2,000 Gtd - Progressive KO: Featherweight $2.50 $1.25 $5.50
15:00 $3,000 Gtd - Progressive KO: Middleweight $10 $5 $22
15:00 $15,000 Gtd - Progressive KO: Heavyweight $50 $25 $109

How does it differ from regular KO tournaments?

In a regular knockout tournament, players have a fixed bounty on their head. Whoever knocks them out receives the cash bounty.

Progressive KOs work a little differently. Instead of receiving the full bounty for knocking a player out, you receive some of the bounty in cash and the rest is added to your own bounty. For example, assume the bounty is split 50/50 between a cash reward and being added to a progressive bounty. If two players each with a bounty of $10 butt heads and one is eliminated, the winning player will receive $5 cash and have $5 added to their own bounty to make $15.

As the tournament progresses and the eliminations begin to stack up, bounties can quickly escalate to jaw-dropping figures.

How much do I win per knockout?

Every time you knock out a Player, you’ll receive a portion of their bounty in cash. Players begin with a fixed starting bounty then have a progressive bounty added for each player they successfully eliminate. The longer you stay in the game, the higher the bounties become. By the end of the tournament, knocking a player out can mean winning hundreds or even thousands of dollars instantly!

Check out the table below to see an example of how the bounties work in Progressive KO tourneys where the bounty has a 50/50 split between cash and being added to the progressive bounty:

Tournament Starting Bounty Progressive Bounty added for each knockout
$5.50 Progressive KO



$22 Progressive KO



$109 Progressive KO



What happens if a player is eliminated in a multi-way pot?

If more than one player is involved in a multi-way pot when another player is eliminated, the winner of the pot will scoop the bounty as long as they have the losing player covered. If the winning player has less chips than the eliminated player at the start of the Hand, the player who wins the side pot against the eliminated player will win the bounty.

For example, Player 1 has 10,000 chips, Player 2 has 5,000 chips and Player 3 has 1,000 Chips, and all three go all in pre-flop. Player 1 holds KK, Player 2 has QQ and Player 3 has AA, with the board changing nothing. In this example, Player 3 will win the main pot but because they have less chips than Player 2, the bounty will go to Player 1 along with the side pot.

If two players have an identical hand in a multi-way pot where a player is eliminated, the bounty will be split evenly between them.

Where can I see each player’s bounty value?

Your opponents’ bounties will be displayed above their user IDs next to a target sign. Remember, if you eliminate them, you’ll receive some in cash and the rest will be added to your bounty.

To see your own bounty, simply hover the mouse over your user ID. Move the mouse away to hide the bounty for a clear view of your hole cards.

When will I receive the bounties I’ve won?

Immediately. As soon as you knock a player out, their bounty will be credited to your account in cash.

Are the top places still paid?

Yes! In addition to any winnings you pocket from knocking people out, you’ll also receive prize money just like any other tournament so you can expect to receive a tidy sum if you finish in the top few spots.

If you win the tournament outright, you’ll not only win your opponent’s bounty but your own as well, plus regular prize money and all the collective bounties you’ve accrued from knockouts so there’s a huge payday for the winner of any Progressive KO tourney.

Legal Notes:

Tournament buy-ins (excluding rake) will be split 50/50 between prizepool and bounty.

Everytime you eliminate a player you will receive a portion of that player bounty in cash and the remaining will be added to your own bounty.

Bounty winnings will be credited to your account immediately after knocking out that player.

Full T&Cs visible below

Here’s how to take part:

  1. Log in to your bwin account.
  2. Click on the ‘Tournaments’ tab.
  3. Select ‘Bounty’ from the ‘Format’ menu.
  4. Register to any Progressive KO tourney and you’re off!

Play now!

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