Get a grip on poker and pick up daily gifts!

We have a gift waiting for you today. And tomorrow. And the day after that.
All throughout the promotional period, you can sink your claws into an unlimited bag of varied gifts.

Collect from 01.03. to 31.03.2013

The first gift every day is free (and expires at the end of each day). The rest, as many as you like, are yours once you have collected enough Poker Points.

The gifts are represented by “gift cards” that you will find in the promotions section of your account page. Click on the cards to reveal your gift!

In order to collect the daily free gift, you must opt in.

The gifts and the requirements to collect them are based on your current b'inside status.

b'inside status Points per gift Top prizes
Green 3 $10 in cash
300 bwin chip sets
b'inside status Points per gift Top prizes
White 15 $50 in cash
Sony headphones
b'inside status Points per gift Top prizes
Yellow 30 $100 in cash
Kindle Wi-Fi

This promotion begins on 01.03. and ends 31.03.2013.

Terms and Conditions

  • The Poker Prize Frenzy promotion will commence at 00:00 (GMT +1) on 01.03.2013 and will finish at 23:59 (GMT +1) on 31.03.2013 (“Promotional Period”).
  • To be eligible for the Poker Prize Frenzy promotion, you must have a real-money account.
  • The daily prize will appear in your account no later than 11:00 (GMT +1) during each day of the promotional period. For details of the prize, please refer to the "Promotions" section under the Poker Prize Frenzy promotion in your account.
  • The daily prize must be claimed no later than 23:59 (GMT +1) during each day of the promotional period. Unclaimed prizes will be forfeited.
  • You will be automatically eligible to receive one prize during each day of the promotional period. In addition, if you earn points, you may receive additional prizes.
  • The points criteria to receive an additional prize are determined by your b'inside status at 00:01 (GMT +1) during each day of the promotional period. If you move up a b'inside level during the promotional period, you will be enrolled in the Poker Prize Frenzy promotion at the new b'inside status. This means the points requirement to receive a prize will be matched to your new b'inside status.

Please note: advancing in b'inside status between Saturday and Monday is not reflected in the offered promotion until Tuesday. This means that the player will keep being offered the promotion for the same b'inside group until the next Tuesday.

  • Points requirement to receive each additional prize:

    If your b'inside status is Green: 3 points
    If your b'inside status is White: 15 points
    If your b'inside status is Yellow: 30 Points
  • Once a points requirement has been met, our system will randomly allocate a prize into your account.
  • The promotion offers the following types of daily prizes and denominations:

    Poker Points:
    Daily Free Prize: 2,500 prizes of 5 points
    Green: 4,300 x 5 points, 700 x 10 points
    White: 700 x 10 points, 100 x 15 points, 50 x 20 points
    Yellow: 550 x 15 points, 60 x 25 points

    Daily Free Prize: 5,000 prizes of $2 bonus
    Green: 2,550 x $2
    White: 200 x $5, 50 x $10
    Yellow: 100 x $10, 50 x $20

    Item prizes:
    Daily Free Prize: 1 x Kindle® Wi-Fi
    Green: 1 x 300-piece chipset
    White: 1 x Sony® MDRZX60 Headphones
    Yellow: 1 x Kindle® Wi-Fi

    Daily Free Prize: 2,000 prizes of $0.20, 450 x $0.25, 30 x $0.50, 20 x $1, 5 x $10, 1 x $100
    Green: 300 x $0.20, 200 x $0.25, 100 x $0.30, 25 x $0.50, 10 x $1, 5 x $10
    White: 100 x $0.50, 40 x $1, 20 x $2, 10 x $5, 5 x $50
    Yellow: 150 x $2, 50 x $5, 10 x $10, 5 x $50, 1 x $100

    The $2,000 March Prize Freeroll ticket
    Daily Free Prize: 20,500 tickets
    Green: 4,500 tickets

    FastForward Poker cash game voucher:
    Daily Free Prize: 500 prizes of $2
    White: 1,000x $2

    Tournament dollars (T$):
    White: 100 prizes of T$5
    Yellow: 100 prizes of T$10

Above prize quantities are for illustrative purposes only and may be increased during the promotion.

  • The March Prize Freeroll tournament takes place every day during the Promotional Period at 20:00 (GMT +1) and has a prize pool of $2,000.
  • Prizes which are bonuses have wagering restrictions attached: for full details please refer to the "Bonus" section of your account.
  • Prizes which are FastForward Poker cash game vouchers have to be claimed in the "Bonus" section of your account at least 30 days after the prize has been won. Each $2 voucher comes with a total wagering requirement of 2 points. This means the player must collect a minimum of 2 points at any FastForward cash table before the $2 prize amount can be withdrawn.
  • If you are awarded a physical prize, i.e. 300-piece chipset, Sony® MDRZX60 Headphones or Kindle® Wi-Fi, you will be contacted by our Customer Service team to confirm your postal address. If you do not confirm your postal address before 21.04.2013, your prize will be deemed forfeited.
  • We reserve the right to substitute any prize with one of equal or greater value in the event of exceptional circumstances beyond our control, including lack of availability.
  • You acknowledge that we shall source all prizes from locations at a cost which is most convenient to us. By participating in this promotion, you hereby acknowledge and agree that in the event that you win a prize, you will be responsible for any import taxes and duties, insurance or any other associated costs which may be payable in connection with the delivery of the prize.
  • All physical prizes will be shipped within six weeks of the end of the promotional period.
  • The promotion is not endorsed by, affiliated with or in any way sponsored by any of the listed product providers. Trade marks, services marks, images, logos (including without limitation, the individual names of products and retailers) are the property of their respective owners. bwin.party is not licensed, endorsed, sponsored by or affiliated with any such trade mark owner and no such relationship is claimed, or should be inferred.
  • Players can win multiple tickets to the the March Prize $2,000 Freeroll, however, tickets have no monetary value and cannot be used outside of the promotional period.
  • By taking part in this Promotion, You agree to these Specific Promotional Terms and Conditions and our Standard Promotional Terms and Conditions.

Promotion details

Start date: 01.03.2013
End date: 31.03.2013
Game type: All real-money poker games
Prizes: Unlimited gifts

Opt in here!

Here’s how to play:

  • Opt in to this promotion.
  • The first gift every day is free. Log in, visit your "My account" section and click on the daily gift card.
  • Collect Poker Points to unlock additional prize cards that reveal further gifts when clicked.

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