Real money players only. One click card per player. Click cards available from 01.06.18 00:00 CEST – 15.07.18 17:00 CEST

World Championship Leaderboard


The world's biggest football event has arrived and what better way to get close to the action than with our World Championship Leaderboard!

From 01.06 to 15.07 samba your way up the leaderboard by earning points competing in activities across all our products - Poker, Casino & Sport! You can win a variety of prizes, from freeroll entries to a Millions Online seat worth $5,300.

Whether you're the rock in defense, the god between the sticks or the target man up front, you can help lead your team to glory in our World Championship Leaderboard.

Here's how to take part:

  1. From 01.06, claim your free click card to be opted in and assigned one of the 32 teams in the World Championship Leaderboard
  2. On 14.06* the leaderboard kicks off
  3. Earn points by playing various poker, casino and sports activities - see below for full list.
  4. Climb the leaderboard for your team throughout the event until 15.07
  5. After the final the players in the top-ranking teams will win a prize.

*If you enter the claim your click card after the 14.06 you can still join a team, but only the points you earn after you've opted in will count toward the leaderboard.

To see the current rankings, click here.

What can i win?

The World Championship Leaderboard grand prize will be awarded to the player who earns the most points across all teams and they will be rewarded with a $5,300 seat to Millions Online.

Other prizes include entries to freeolls where the prizepools are guaranteed from $1,000 to $30,000.

If your represented team wins the leaderboard then each player in that team will receive a $50 cash bonus* plus entry to a $30,000 cash freeroll.

If the team you represent ends up lifting the trophy at the end of the football tournament, each member will win a $10 Sit & Go Jackpot package.

If the same team wins both, each player will receive both prizes.

Check the "Leaderboard" tab to see the full list of leaderboard prizes.

There are 6 ways to earn leaderboard points:


  • Cash Game and fastforward Hands Played: Earn leaderboard points daily by player cash game and fastforward hands. The more hands you play the more leaderboard points you'll earn. Points are awarded as follows:
    • 10 Hands = 1 Point
    • 20 Hands = 3 Point
    • 50 Hands = 10 Point
    • 100 Hands = 25 Point
  • Sit and Go Jackpot
    • 5 points for every 3x Sit & Go Jackpot tournament played.
    • 20 points for winning 3x Sit & Go Jackpot tournaments.
    • A total of 25 points for playing and winning all 3

  • MTTs
    • 3 points for every 1 tournament you play
    • 15 points for every final table you make.
    • A total of 30 points awarded for playing 1 tournament and winning it


  • 1 point for every $1 wagered on any game
  • Min bet $1, capped at 10 points per day


  • 5 points for all World Cup bets + In Play.
  • Min bet $5/min odds of evens, points awarded on bet settlement.


The World Championship Leaderboard rewards all teams with a prize, ranging from a $1,000 Gtd Freeroll, to the Grand Prize for the winning side of a $30,000 Gtd Freeroll.

Help your team climb the rankings to get your hands on that MAX prize

Payout Table

Team Rank Total Freeroll Value
1 $30,000
2 $15,000
3 $8,000
4 $6,000
5 to 8 $5,000
9 to 12 $4,000
13 to 16 $3,500
17 to 20 $3,000
21 to 24 $2,500
25 to 28 $2,000
29 to 32 $1,000

Teams that place in the top 4 positions will win entries to a freeroll amongst members of their own team. Thereafter, the teams that are grouped together will win entries to play in freerolls with the other teams in that position.

For example, if you’re in team 6, you’ll win an entry to a freeroll for $5,000, where your team will play against teams 5, 7, and 8.

Terms and Conditions


  • El promotor de esta promoción es GVC Services Limited, compañía registrada en Gibraltar con el número 112454 y con domicilio social en Suite 6, Atlantic Suites, Europort Avenue, Gibraltar.
  • The World Championship Leaderboard promotion starts on 01.06 00:00:00 CEST and ends 15.07.2018 23:59:59 CEST
  • This promotion is open to all persons aged 18 and over hold a real-money account with the promoter.
  • A real-money player is one who has deposited funds into their account.
  • Players must opt-in to the promotion by taking part in the "Click Card"
  • Teams will be randomly assigned to players who opt-in
  • Only objectives completed on real money Poker games during the promotional period after a successful opt-in will count towards this promotion.
  • Players will not be able to change their assigned teams
  • In the event of two teams coming joint first on the leaderboard, the team with the average individual point tally (per player) during the period (00:00:00 CEST, 01.06 – 23:59:59 CEST, 15.07.2018) will be determined the winner. In the event of a tie here, the team with the highest individual point earner will be determined the winner.
  • The same rule will be applied if two individual players tie on points earned for the Golden Boot prize.
  • To be eligible all personal and contact data associated with your account must be correct and verifiable
  • bwin reserves the right to change or end this promotion at any time
  • bwin reserves the right to cancel this promotion in its entirety or excluded any individual or individuals from participation, if it determines at its sole discretion that there are any irregularities or abuses occurring in connection with the promotion.
  • bwin tournament rules apply
  • By taking part in this promotion, you agree to these Specific Promotional Terms and Conditions and the Standard Promotional Terms and Conditions.

Click Card

  • Click cards will be available to all real money players between 00:00:00 CEST on 01.06 and 16:59:59 CEST on 15.07.2018.
  • One click card per player.
  • Once claimed, players will be assigned to the corresponding team for the leaderboards which commence on 14.06.2018.
  • New players who register on or after the leaderboard commences on 14.06.2018, will be assigned to a team, but only points earned on or after the day that a player claims their click card will count towards the leaderboard. Activity up until this point will not count towards leaderboard points.


  • Points can be earned between 00:00:00 CEST on 14.06 and 23:59:59 CEST on 15.07.2018. Points will be earned in the following manner:
    • For cash game and fastforward, leaderboard points shall be earned daily by playing raked hands. Points are awarded as follows:
      • 10 raked hands = 1 Point
      • 20 raked hands = 3 Points
      • 50 raked hands = 10 Points
      • 100 raked hands = 25 Points
    • For Sit & Go Jackpot, leaderboard points shall be earned daily by participating in/winning tournaments. Points are awarded as follows:
      • 5 points awarded for every 3 x Sit & Go Jackpot tournament played.
      • 20 points awarded for winning 3 x Sit & Go Jackpot tournaments.
      • For the avoidance of doubt, should a player play 3 Sit & Go Jackpot tournaments and win all 3, that player will be awarded with 25 points for the leaderboard.
    • For MTTs, leaderboard points shall be earned daily by participating in/final tabling/winning tournaments. Points are awarded as follows:
      • 3 points awarded for every MTT participated in
      • 15 points for every final table made
      • A total of 50 points awarded for winning an MTT (the 50 point total includes the 3 points for participation and 15 for final table)
    • For bets placed within our Sports platform, leaderboard points shall be earned daily by placing qualifying bets. Points are awarded as follows:
      • 5 points awarded for all football bets (including in-play) with minimum odds of evens.
      • Points will be awarded on bet settlement
      • In the event the settled bet is outside of the promotional period, the points will not be included.
    • For wagering within our Casino platform, leaderboard points shall be earned daily by wagering within our portfolio of games. Points are awarded as follows:
      • 1 point awarded for every $1 wagered
      • Minimum qualifying wager of $1
      • A maximum of 10 points can be earned per day via Casino wagering.
    • Leaderboards will be updated each day at 15:00:00 CEST and will only include MTT/SNG tournaments completed before 23:59:59 CEST.


  • The individual player with the most points earned during the promotional period (00:00:00 CEST on 14.06 and 23:59:59 CEST on 15.07.2018) will win a $5,300 seat to MILLIONS Online.
  • The MILLIONS Online seat must be used for Day 1. No cash alternative and if the seat is unused, it will be forfeited.
  • If your assigned team wins the leaderboard, you will receive a $50 cash bonus and entry to a $30,000 cash freeroll.
  • The $50 cash prize will be awarded by 15:00:00 CEST on 16.07.2018 and has no restrictions.
  • If your assigned team goes on to win the football World Cup, each member will win a $10 Sit & Go Jackpot package, consisting of 1x $5, 2x $2 and 1x $1 tickets.
  • Sit & Go Jackpot tickets will be awarded by 15:00:00 CEST on 16.07.2018 and expire 7 days after being awarded.
  • Players whose assigned team wins the leaderboard and also wins the football World Cup, will be eligible to win both sets of prizes detailed above.
  • Based on their assigned team's final position on the leaderboard, players will be eligible to enter a series of freerolls, as follows:

  • Team Rank Prize (Freeroll Value)
    1 $30,000
    2 $15,000
    3 $8,000
    4 $6,000
    5 to 8 $5,000
    9 to 12 $4,000
    13 to 16 $3,500
    17 to 20 $3,000
    21 to 24 $2,500
    25 to 28 $2,000
    29 to 32 $1,000
  • All freerolls will take place at 18:00 CEST on 21.07.2018 and players will need to register themselves (no auto registration).
  • No compensation will be awarded to players who do not register to the freeroll

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