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The world is at stake.

Come claim it.

Cash for Bejing. Freeroll entries for Chicago. A massive EUR 5,000 for all of Europe.

We’re putting the world on the line and challenge you to grab as much of it as you can.

For every ten Player Points you earn at the poker tables, you will unlock one of 64 cities. You earn one randomly selected city for each batch of ten Player Points you collect. To reveal your next city, head over to your account page.

Based on which city you receive, you can win prizes either directly by being awarded one of the prize cities, by unlocking all the cities connected to a nation or by unlocking all the nations connected to a continent.

If you unlock all of the continents, then we bow to you eminence and hand over a staggering EUR 50,000. You rule, sir.

Check the chart below to see all the prizes connected to cities, nations and continents.

  • Please read the terms & conditions below for full promotion rules. Here are some important pointers: You can collect a maximum of 100 cities in one day.
  • You can be awarded the same city multiple times. If it is a prize city, great, if not curse the heavens.
  • Points earned towards claiming cities will not be deducted from your balance.
  • You can only use one ticket to each freeroll. Additional tickets won will be replaced by 5 Player Points per ticket.

Prize table

Country Cities in each country
Spain - €1200 Madrid - €20 Barcelona Valencia Malaga
Portugal - €850 Lisbon Samara - €15 Saint Petersburg Novosibirsk
England - €300 London Manchester - €500 Freeroll Liverpool Nottingham
Germany - €250 Berlin Munich Hamburg - €5 Leverkusen

Country Cities in each country
China- €900 Beijing - €10 Shanghai Shenzen Hong Kong
Japan - €650 Tokyo Osaka Yokohama Nagoya
South Korea - €100 Seoul Busan - €2 Incheon Daegu
India - €75 Delhi Mumbai Bangalore Hyderabad - €100 Freeroll

Country Cities in each country

South Africa - $450

Pretoria Cape Town Durban J-burg - €300 Freeroll
Ivory Coast - €400 Yamoussoukro Abidjan Bouaké - €3 Korhogo - €1K Freeroll
Ghana - €200 Accra - €200 Freeroll Kumasi Tamale Takoradi
Senegal - €50 Dakar Pikine Saint-Louise Kaolack - €1

Canada - €750
Ottawa Toronto Montreal - €1,5K Freeroll Vancouver
Argentina - €550 Buenos Aires Córdoba Mar del Plata Rosario
USA - €350 Washington DC New York Chicago - €750 Freeroll Los Angeles
Colombia - €150 Bogota Cali Medellin Cartagena

Freeroll schedule

All freerolls will be held at 21:00 (GMT+1).

04.03.13 €100 World Domination – Hyderabad
05.03.13 €200 World Domination – Accra
06.03.13 €300 World Domination – Johannesburg
07.03.13 €500 World Domination – Manchester
08.03.13 €750 World Domination – Chicago
09.03.13 €1,000 World Domination – Korhogo
10.03.13 €1,500 World Domination – Montreal

Terms and Conditions

  • The promoter of this promotion is Electraworks (España) Plc, registered in Malta under the number C53497 and having its registered office at Parklane Building, Level 1, Suite 2, Triq Joe Sciberras, Hamrun, HMR 1556, Malta.
  • The World Domination starts at 00:00 GMT+1 on 1st February, 2013, and ends at 23:59 GMT+1 on 28th February, 2013 or when all Cities have been given away
  • This promotion is open to all individuals, 18 years of age or older, who have an open account with bwin.es[GB1]
  • Players will have until 23:59 GMT+1 on 27th February, 2013 to earn Cities, or until all Cities have been given away
  • Players will have until 23:59 GMT+1 28th February, 2013 or up to 24 hours from the end of the promotion to reveal any City they have been awarded. Players will be informed of the end of the promotion via a ticker visible in the bwin.es software.
  • Only a player’s first City will be awarded when the player earns five points
  • Any subsequent Cities will be awarded to a player when he.she earns 10 points
  • Players will receive their City in their account. They will have to reveal them by clicking the ‘Reveal your new City” button on their account page.
  • Any City that has not been revealed before the end of the promotion will be forfeited
  • Players can collect a maximum of 100 Cities per day
  • Where a player is awarded the maximum number of Cities in any day (100), any points earned subsequently during that same day shall not be counted or carried over for the purpose of this Promotion
  • Where a player has not been awarded the maximum number of Cities in any day (100), any points earned will be carried over to the next day during the promotional period
  • The promotion will finish for a player when he.she completes the World Domination, that is when he.she collects all 64 individual Cities on offer in the promotion
  • Players will have to receive at least one of each of the four different Cities of a Country to complete the Country
  • Players will have to complete every Country in a Continent to complete that Continent
  • Players will have to complete every Continent to complete the World Domination
  • Cities are randomly awarded to players
  • Players can be awarded the same City multiple times
  • Players cannot complete the same Country or Continent more than once
  • There is a maximum of one entry per player for each World Domination tournament. Additional entries will be rewarded with five Player Points
  • Prizes will be automatically credited to the winners’ accounts within 24 hours after they have revealed a prize
  • By participating in this promotion you expressly allow us to use your name for promotional purposes if you are one of the winners

By taking part in this promotion you agree to these specific promotional terms and conditions and agree to our Standard Promotional Terms and Conditions

Tournament Facts

Start Date 01.02.2013
End Date 28.02.2013
Game Type all types of poker
Prize Pool up to EUR 50,000

How to play:

  1. Launch the bwin Poker client.
  2. Collect points by playing any real money poker game you want.
  3. Keep an overview of your results on a special account page.

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