Daily Spins Overdrive leaderboards

Pull up to over £60,000 in Monthly Prizes!
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18+. Available for specific buy-in range; Must play SPINS Overdrive to earn leaderboard points: Only the first 5 games in each buy-in count; runs daily 00:00 - 23:59 CET. T&Cs apply

Spins Overdrive leaderboards

Welcome to the High-Octane World of SPINS Overdrive!

Get ready to mix it up with SPINS Overdrive Leaderboards! It's where the excitement of poker comes to life with a staggering £2,000+/€2,200+/$2,500 in Prizes Every Day!

Every day is a new chance to win, with more than 600 prizes waiting to be won. Whether you’re a rookie or a seasoned pro, there's a chance for everyone to take home a trophy in our daily leaderboard rally!

Six Speed Tiers - A Leaderboard for Everyone!

Engage in six different leaderboards, each designed to match your poker style.

The great news is that your first 5 SPINS on our Overdrive games count towards our daily leaderboard, which means that your daily buy-in helps you climb to the top.

Prizes abound

Win anything from a swift $0.25 to a grand prize of $200. Every spin could be your ticket to the top. So, get ready for some classic action on the poker table.

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  1. Sign Up/Log In: Get ready to start your poker journey! Existing players, log in to play.
  2. Play SPINS Overdrive: With SPINS Overdrive your first 5 games mean you qualify for the daily leaderboard.
  3. Move up the Leaderboard: Try and reach the top of the table. Your strategy and skills will determine your position.
  4. Claim Your Prize: Finish the contest and see where you place, with the ability to go again tomorrow.

Are you Ready?

The SPINS Overdrive Leaderboards have arrived. Join now and see how far you can climb on our leaderboard table. With over £60,000 in monthly prizes to be won. Are you ready to play poker the SPINS Overdrive way?

$0.25 $1.00 $3.00 $5.00 $10.00 $20.00
1 $5.00 1 $10 1 $30 1 $50 1 $100 1 $200
2 $3.00 2 $5 2 $15 2 $25 2 $50 2 $100
3 $1.50 3 $3 3 $9 3 $15 3 $20 3 $60
4-10 $1.00 4-8 $2 4 $6 4 $10 4-35 $10 4-30 $20
11-20 $0.50 9-175 $1 5-105 $3 5-80 $5
21-225 $0.25

*all prizes paid in tickets of the value of the leaderboard.


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Terms and Conditions


  1. The SPINS OVERDRIVE TOP 5 promotion will start on 12.12.2023 at 00:00 until 31.12.2024.
  2. All leaderboards will begin daily from 00:00:00 CET until 23:59:59 CET.
  3. By participating in this promotion, you declare that you accept the Terms of Participation in the promotion and our General Conditions.


  1. The Promotion is available to customers of URL www.bwin.com (the "website") who:
    1. have a verified Website account;
    2. are over 18 years of age; and
    3. have been targeted by this promotion.


  1. SPINS OVERDRIVE played before the adhesion will count for the accumulation of points.
  2. Only the first 5 SPINS OVERDRIVE of the same buy-in played on the same day will be valid for the leaderboards.
  3. If a player plays less than 5 SPINS OVERDRIVE in one day, the points will still be counted for the leaderboards, but they will have less chance of receiving a prize.
  4. A player can participate in all available leaderboards.
  5. It will be necessary to adhere only once per leaderboard during the promotional period.
  6. Each SPINS OVERDRIVE buy-in has its own leaderboard for a total of five leaderboards (SPINS OVERDRIVE $0.25, $1, $3, $5, $10, $20).
  7. SPINS OVERDRIVE will count for the promotion.


  1. Winners will receive their prize within 48 hours from the end of each daily leaderboard.
  2. The prizes for each leaderboard are those shown on the promotional page; all prizes will be in tickets for SPINS OVERDRIVE.
  3. SPINS OVERDRIVE tickets received from the leaderboards must be played within 7 days. Tickets are not refundable and cannot be exchanged. Once expired, it will not be possible to reimburse them.
  4. Players with the same score on the leaderboard and the same position will receive the same prize as shown on the promotional page for the position they share.
  5. The formula used for each leaderboard is as follows: 10*(0.5√(Rank/3+0.3√buy-in+0.2*√(wins)).
    1. Rank = final position in the SPINS OVERDRIVE tournament
    2. Buy-in = entry cost for the SPINS OVERDRIVE tournament (commission excluded). For example, for a SPINS OVERDRIVE tournament of $1, the buy-in in the formula is $0.92 ($1 - $0.08 commission)
    3. wins = amount of money won in the SPINS OVERDRIVE tournament
  6. Players can find more information about the points system on the promotional page.


  1. This Promotion is organised by the company defined in the Terms and Conditions of use applicable to an Eligible Player and their Website account (the “Promoter”).
  1. We may place restrictions on your account, including deposit restrictions, to comply with our legal and regulatory obligations. We will not be responsible should these restrictions affect your ability to complete the requirements of this promotion and/or to release any bonus, benefits, or prizes.